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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

~May Pix

Well to sum up the month of May
besides many baptisms, weddings and another Missionary
leaving these are some of the things that happened
in our FAMILY...

Garrett turned 11, went to the Angels game & received his Arrow of Light.
Austin received an award for Student of the Month, won his bet by making ASB president for next year. So now he gets do decide when he gets his hair cut (I sure hope it's soon)!
Blake went on his first field trip and school bus ride (he had a blast and told me I was taking too many pictures)! I don't remember the last time this kids ever wore a t-shirt. He only wears collard shirts but rips his clothes off the minute we get home and wears his underware all day? He will either sleep in them, his pj's from when he was two or no shirt at all! He even likes his socks up to his knees and he's only in kindergarten. But he is happy as can be so I just have to leave it and not worry!
We finally got grass so the boys have been having fun mowing the lawn and going on the father and sons outing (even though they took the picture on the way back home)!
Ashely received her Patriarchal Blessing, went on her first date and wore my wedding dress in a fashion show!
Kelsey has been having lots of fun spending time with friends. We forgot to post her pix from last year of the Race for the Cure (can't wait for the next one)!
I love being a mom and wife!!!
They are the best things ever and make me so proud!


Suzie said...

That is a great sum up of the month! First Date??? You already have a daughter old enough to date??? My oh my, how time flies.... Good Job Mom, your family looks very happy!! :)

Tris & Ken said...

Your family is so gorgeous!! I love it when you post!! And we want to hear more about the first date!!!!!!!! You can count those exclamation points and use those to try to convince Ashley that the blogging world wants to know about her first date. :) Or she can send me an email. :)

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

What a fun month of May you had! Ashley all grown up in your wedding gown, so pretty! School is almost out and summer begins! Wooo Hooo! All of them have received great accomplishments for this school year!

Love ya!
Mom xo

Tiffi said...

Jaeger family rocks! You kids are great examples, and you have great parents who support you in what they love and want to do!
I love you all!

The Monson Crew said...

Holy cow, I can't believe Ashley is dating! I can remember Maryjane talking about bathing those two cute baby girls in her big sink in the the kitchen. How time flys! Tiff always talks about how sweet your kids are. They seem like such good kids and you are a wonderful mom! Cute family!!!!

Heidi said...

How fun... lots of advenutres with all the kids. I LOVE Ashley in your wedding dress! That is so cute! Dating and trying on wedding dresses...j/k...what's next?! FUN! =)