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Monday, August 18, 2008

~1st Day of School

We are all happy school started! :)

Ashley(11th) & Kelsey(10th) are going to have fun in high school this year with dance/choir and Ashley driving. Garrett(6th) is excited to go to middle school with Austin(8th) and being involved with student council and show choir/sound wave for both of them!

Blake(1st) is our last one at elementary school...but he is in full day and he loves his teacher. She has known hime since he was born.

The kids always look forward to the blessings (I need one too :), goal setting, driving routine, etc to start off another new school year! Craig and I after dropping off the kids at the schools decided to go out to breakfast that lasted almost 3 hours! It was catch up time after a busy summer.
To finish off a great day (of signing many papers) we saw the "Emma & Joseph" movie playing at the theater. I couldn't tell who loved it the most. Craig was so emotional, I tried to keep mine under control since we knew everyone there and Blake said "I love you" over 50 times and kept smiling and hugging Craig and I. It was amazing and uplifting.

He played "Joseph" in the Nauvoo pageant last year and was "Hyrum" in the movie we saw tonight. The kids were excited to watch him again.


The six of us! said...

Looks like they are all ready for another fun filled year! Have fun!!!

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

First days of school are so much fun! The kids look so cute in their new clothes and big smiles. Sounds like a great school year is ahead of you all!

Mom xo

Tiffi said...

Everyone looks excited and cute in their new clothes! I like Ashley and Kelsey's purse and I can't believe Ashley will be driving!
Here's to a HAPPY school year! : )
I love you all!
Love, Tiff

Suzie said...

Wow Shelli.... you've done good. How exciting!!!

Heidi said...

How exciting... a new school year! The kids look great and very excited. =) I want to see that movie! It sounds good!!!

Janice said...

I am loving this school thing! It is great to be able to get laundry, cleaning, errands, etc. done during the day and feel caught up when the boys return. How fun that you guys got to have a nice long breakfast together to catch up!

The Monson Crew said...

Amen to the whole school thing. I can't believe that I finally have one in all day. It's so exciting!!!