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Saturday, February 21, 2009

~Happy 17th Ashley

To Our Daughter
From the first moment we looked in your tiny, perfect face, we have loved you. Through diapers and bows, to barbies and braces, you have grown. You are a Young Woman, sometimes needing us, and sometimes not. We are so proud of you, in awe of you, and so grateful for all that you have taught us. Stretch, grow, dream and soar, beloved daughter, knowing that we will always be the first to cheer you, the ones to wipe away the inevitable tears. And we will always and for eternity love you!
Happy Birthday Ashley ~ Love Mom & Dad xoxo


Tiffani said...

sweet words for ashely, shelli <3
happy 17th birthday ashley! i remember visiting you when you were in the hospital after you were born. it really didn't seem that long ago! i couldn't wait to hold you and looking at your mom holding you i couldn't wait to be a mom! if i had a daughter i would want her to be just like you! you are so beautiful and kind! i love your smile! follow your dreams, you can achieve anything ash! have fun b-day! we are thinking of you! i love you! xo <3 xo

Heidi said...

What beautiful words Miss Shelli! I am crying and remember you Ashley! You were so tiny when you were born. What a mircale you were. Then the chubby legs grew and that cute smile. I pretended you were my baby. I was so proud of your parents for bringing us our first baby to the family!!! =) I remember your baptism day and how pretty you looked... you've always had a sweetness about you. You always have a hug and a smile. I love you ASH!!!! Now you are on to tiaras, a license, boys and prom dresses! What an exciting time in your life. Happy Birthday!!!! I love U! Aunt Heidi xo

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Happy Birthday precious Ashely! Oh, how we love you!!! It was so exciting the day you were born for all of us and for Grandpa and I, you were our 1st grandchild! Girl, did we brag about you!!! You were the cutest "little" baby doll and have now grown into a beautiful young woman filled with light, warmth and tons of love! We love your kind ways and cute giggles. Wow, 17! What a wonderful time of your life. I know the Lord has great things instore for you sweet Ashley! Can't wait to see your dreams come true!

All our love,
Grandma & Grandpa B. xoxoxox

Melvin and Carly said...

A beautiful baby grown into such a beautiful young woman. Happy Birthday Ashley!

Waterbully said...

So, cool your now 17!
Congratulation's on another birthday, and becuase everyone else talked about the day you were born I will also say that I remember the day and we had so much watching thru the hospital nursery room window's!
We love you ton's and are so proud of you and your accomplishments and studies!
I love your beautiful heart/soul the best!
Love ya,
G-pa Don

Carrie said...

what a beautiful tribute Shelli! Happy Birthday Ashley!

Wendy Kay said...

Happy Birthday Ashley! What a beautiful young woman you are! Hugs~

The six of us! said...

Happy Birthday Ashley! You are such a lovely young lady! I need some pointers from your Mom on how to raise such a great young lady!!! Hope you enjoyed the cake it looked soooo yummy : ) Love the first pic in the hospital!

Tiffani said...

look at all those boys that came to celebrate your b-day with you! you are so loved ash! i hope you had a great day, and that cake looks yummy! : )

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

What fun we had and the CAKE was sooooo good! Cute group picture!!! Love ya Ashely!!! Grandma B. xox