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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

-Love you MOM

So, mom has been in the hospital for three days now and they finally figured out from many tests that she has gallstones. So, Heidi and I decided to go and visit her but if you know Heidi...she is very creative and spontaneous. With two big bags full of costume accessories we changed in the hallway of the HOSPITAL and put on fairy/cowgirl/hawaiian outfits on to make mom happy. Well she was more than happy...she was SHOCKED :)
Love you mom and your surgery will go well. xo


The six of us! said...

I'm sorry to hear that your mom is in the hospital, but by the looks of her lovely girls she seems to be in good spirits!!!

Tiffani said...

that is so awesome! : ) i called mom after you and heidi made your fantastic visit and she seemed to have loved it! she needed that! you girls are the prettiest hawaiian cowgirl fairy's ever!! love ya!

Heidi said...

That was so fun but I missed her after. She's in surgery right now. She'll be ok. Great post Shelli. Made me cry! Thank goodness for your pic to capture the moment! =) love you sis! Tiff, I wish were were there too. xo

Ruthann said...

Shelli- all my best to your mom! I hope she gets well really soon. What great girls she has to love and support her!

Tiffani said...

i keep coming back because i love what you sisters did for mom! : ) xo
p.s. i love this song "the climb" that you have on!
love ya and miss you all!
tiffi xo