“Our homes are to be more than sanctuaries; they should also be places where God’s Spirit can dwell, where the storm stops at the door, where love reigns & peace dwells." ~ Thomas S. Monson

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I LOVE that our girls wear their CTR rings everyday. Kelsey has lost hers too many times and some how seems to find it every time in the oddest places!Some meanings: Choose The Right, Return To Christ, Choose To Repent and the newest (from President Uchtdorf) Current Temple Recommend!


Tiffani said...

my boys think it's so cool that even their teenage cousins still wear their ctr rings. you girls are awesome! cute bangs kels and i love your smile ash! : )

Waterbully said...

Beautiful girls!
I think your beauty comes from yur G-pa don!
......well I tried.
OK, it's from there Mom's & G-ma's!
love ya.
G-pa don.

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Let the good old times roll! Love all the post! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Sandy said...

Thanks for finding me how fun to look over your blog and see your amazing family. Your girls are seriously beautiful. So wonderful to see how much everyone has grown. We miss our meadowview family so much

Melvin and Carly said...

Good for them! Love the newest definition, too, from President Uchtdorf.

Such fun pictures on all of your posts. Your family is always doing something fun.