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Sunday, December 28, 2008


We love December and all the fun things the kids do. It was jam packed with practices and performances. The kids did great and we survived :) I love going to help out in Blake's class and work with the kids. It was exciting to put the school work away and make some gingerbread houses. After mom sat in the car waiting for Blake to get out of school. It was raining and mom was bored so she ate most of the frosting and candy off the gingerbread house! We did make another one at home :)
Blake sang, danced, played a musical instrument and memorised his parts. He was Hanz from Sweden and was so cute.Austin and Garrett's Choir groups got to ditch school and go to Disneyland! Austin's "Sound Wave" group performed at the Carnation. Both boys got to go "Back Stage Disney" and have someone professional teach them and make a video of them. I always love going to chaperon. I chaperoned 5 boys (6am-10pm)! I am used to having girls. I had to be a boy and run around with them while laser fighting the whole day. I did what ever they did!!! They ate nothing for breakfast, candy for lunch and finally pizza for dinner. It was fun.
Austin's "Sound Wave" & Garrett's "Show Choir" groups performed at a few middle schools and elementary schools. We love to see them sing and dance (with girls). They enjoy being in these groups. It keeps them busy and out of trouble. Well they don't ever get into trouble.
Austin raps at 3:38!!

The girls are in the High School Dance Production. We also love watching them perform and having fun with their friends. We are amazed at how good these groups are. Kelsey also performed in "Show Choir"! Good job girls. This does keep them busy and out of trouble! Dang...Kelsey is now taller than her big sis Ashley and mom!


Carrie said...

Shelli, your hair looks great:)
Disneyland looked like a lot of fun! It's hard being a mom!

Tiffani said...

your kids are so talented and cute! i love their big smiles! you are awesome to support them in those activities and chaperone! i am sure you and blake enjoyed that gingerbread house...it did look yummy! loved the pics and video xo

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Life is full and wonderful for you all! What talaent! We are so proud of you! xoxoxoxo