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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

~Permit :)

Ashley passed her "Provisional Instruction Permit". It was not a major priority in our home until her younger sister (only by 18 months) said she was going to get her License before her big sis!!!! That sparked some motivation. Ashley finished her online Drivers Education in three weeks!
Last week she was driving like this... This week she is driving like this...Blake is so excited (like his mommy) to have another driver in our home soon. We hope the six months goes by real fast for her to get her License!!! We had to celebrate with a "CARS" party!Congratulations Ashley!


Tiffani said...

that is so awesome ashley! you look so cute at the wheel! shelli i love the cars balloon, what a cute idea! love the pic of her and craig! he looks pretty excited too! make sure you put the radio station on a good song before you take off. i was doing that while driving for the first few times and wasn't paying attention and totaled the car!!! : (
you are such a beautiful girl!
love you all!!!! xo

Waterbully said...

Awesome job!
I have a ton of driving chores for you! But,....you have to have the Bluegrass music station playing on the car radio!
I guess this also means your parents need to get you a blue tooth ear pc for your cell phone!
I LOVE ya'll.
Pretty cool times at the Jaeger pad!
love ya,
G-pa dwb

The six of us! said...

Thanks for the warning!!! I'll make sure to watch out for her when I pick up the kids : )

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Yeah Ashley! We are sooo excited for you! What a huge step into adulthood, well almost!

Love you!
Grnadma! xox

Amy Snell said...

I love the first picture...soooo funny :D:D Congrats to Ashley too!!

Heidi said...

Did you buy your helmet yet Ash? =)
Congrats! Sooo very cool! I think it's cool u guys celebrate all the achievements with C-A-K-E!!!! =)
Drive to my house for practice so I can run along side you and see how you can focus on the road without being distracted by a crazy lady. No really, I'm excited for you! Is there a sun-roof? If so, make sure you keep Kelsey out of it... you might have to pull over and spank her bottom and train her to sit while in driving motion. How fun! Keep your eyes on the road and not on the cute boys. Well, ok maybe at a light. Just tell them to call you on your blue tooth. Bluegrass baby, Grandpa knows best! =) xoxoxo

*Shelli* said...

I am going to get a helmet for all who ride with her! Great idea. Yes it has a sun roof and Kels has to sit in a car seat in that car! Ash has loved all the posts:) Any reason for buttercream cake! She is going to use all those tips and test drive areas!

Ruthann said...

Exciting times with another driver in the house and nice for the mom too! I loved your "Cars" idea--you are so creative and fun! Thanks for sharing!!

Ruthann said...
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Melvin and Carly said...

Hooray for Ashley! Love the picture of her and Blake at the park! I'm sure she'll be a responsible driver, but even still we'll be sure to be extra careful when walking around the neighborhood!

PHILM said...

That is awesome Ashley. Way to go!!

Craig looked scared in the pic...

I want to go to a cars party... Let me know next time.

KT said...

Congrats Ashley!! When you take your license test, do it in Hemet! It's easier to get into and the examiners are apparently nicer. It's where I took mine!

Carrie said...

Congratulations Ashley! Way to go! So exciting!!!!