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Friday, July 31, 2009

-Happy Birthday

Blake is 7!!!
Fun cousins & Missionaries
His class celebrated summer b-days before school ended.
He wrote his b-day list many months ago. He still insists he wants an inhaler like his big brother...he thinks his is not good enough! He asked for clothes, flip flops and a memory chip! How old is he?!?!? What happened to toys :)


Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Blake! You are one awesome dude and we love you!

Grandma & Gramdpa B.

P.S. Blake is getting toys from us!

Heidi said...

How cute! Happy Birthday Blake! See you tonight! xo I love your pics and music!!!

Make a good wish on your cake candels and I hope you get everything you want! =)

Tiffani said...

we hope you had a HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLAKE and that you got an inhaler like your big brother! i love it! you are so cute blake! we love you and miss you! your music and pictures make me smile! : )
shelli, i know, what happened to toys??!! i have noticed when we go out to dinner that mark doesn't color the kids menus anymore! silly, but it made me sad that he's grown out of that and would rather talk with phil and i...which is a great thing but why do they grow so fast!
give blake a BIG HUG & KISS for me!!! mark and eric said "hi" blake!

The six of us! said...

Wow, you have taught him well that he is practical and doesn't ask for toys!!! What a sweet boy!

Tiffani said...

it looks like blake had a fun celebration! that cake looks delish :0) i hope blake got eric's birthday message. we love & miss you all!