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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

-Michael Jackson

Yes...our family is one who LOVES the King of Pop!
He will forever live in our hearts and souls.Blake said, "Mom...do you like the first or second Michael Jackson?" Of course I had him explain and he said because MJ looks different and he wanted to know which one I liked better. I told him he has not changed on the inside. Than he told me he couldn't decide if he liked Michael when he was younger or when he was older! Blake loves watching MJ sing in his younger years. AND he went to bed listening to his songs!AUSTIN standing by his STAR
while mom took the picture and with a Michael Jackson impersonator!!!!
So...our last day at the beach condo was not spent on the beach but watching the memorial service and his videos all day :) PS>>> Shelli can do the MOONWALK better than Craig!


Julie said...

Michael Jackson will always be the Thriller/Billy Jean/Bad Michael Jackson in my mind. His memorial was great---LOVED it!!

You can moonwalk better??? PROVE it!!! We need some video.


Julie said...

forgot to add Beat It in there---shame!

Tiffani said...

blake is so funny! i love what he asked you! did you see michael jackson's star recently? cool! of course you can do the moon walk better! : ) just beat it......

Paul and Katrina Perea said...

Hi Shelli,
I'm not on facebook anymore but wanted to stop by and say HI. I was trying to remember your blog name from Facebook. Well, hope to keep in touch with you. katrinaperea@att.net

Heidi said...

I will miss him too. =( Gone way 2 soon. I love this song! He had a good heart and helped so many people around the world. I cry now when I hear his songs.

I gotta see your moonwalk!

Wendy Kay said...

You have to catch the Moonwalk on tape! A must see 8) You guys rock. What a time to remember.

I am a fan too....he was a legend! Miss you! xo

Nana Nancy and PaPa Jeff said...

Believe it or not..I will miss him too! I was so happy to see you add this to your blog. He was our modern day Peter Pan, so professed by him.
Gone way to soon by those ugly drugs!
and people who couldn't say no. He will be remembered always!! I love the star!! Hugs Aunt Nancy